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Our website, SamacheerKalviGuide, has updated the 7th Tamil Guide 2023. This means that students can now access the Class 7 Tamil Solutions for all chapters on our website. The 7th Tamil Guide provides the best study material for students who struggle with answering their Class 7 Tamil textbook questions.

Regular practice of these Tamil solutions can help students score higher marks. These solutions can also be used as a reliable source for revising the Tamil subject before exams. Let’s take a look at the chapter-wise solutions.

Samacheer Kalvi 7th Tamil Guide

7th Tamil Guide – Term 1

We have provided the solution for the 7th Standard Term 1 Tamil. To access the solution paper, Simply click on the chapter name and you will be redirected to it. Once you have accessed the Term 1 solution, you can also find the solutions for Term 2 and Term 3 of Class 7 Tamil.


UNIT-2: இயற்கை

UNIT-3: நாடு, சமூகம்

7th Tamil Guide – Term 2

UNIT-1: அறிவியல், தொழில்நுட்பம்

UNIT-2: கல்வி

UNIT-3: கலை அழகியல்

7th Tamil Guide – Term 3

UNIT-1: நாகரிகம், தொழில், வணிகம்

UNIT-2: அறம், தத்துவம், சிந்தனை

UNIT-3: மனிதம், ஆளுமை

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